Ear Candling

Ear Candling is an ancient and natural therapy found in the history of many civilisations. The treatment cleanses, heals and purifies on a spiritual and physical level. The ears can become blocked and compacted with a build up of wax - the ear candles gently break down this wax and removes it from the ear canal in a safe and comforting manner. The benefits differ from client to client. The main symptoms it has been said by clients to help are sinusitis, headaches, migraines, vertigo, hearing loss, blocked ears and rhinitis. The treatment is  profoundly relaxing and soothing to all the senses.


Half Hour - £20

        1 Hour - £30 *

* (With Lymphatic drainage Face, Head, Scalp Massage Included)

Payment Options:

You may pay by cash on the day of your treatment or via Bank Transfer.

 Please give at least 48 Hours notice to cancel or rearrange appointments or

the full cost of the treatment is still required. Thankyou.

Archangel Healing is a spiritual healing


Meet The Therapist

Hi. I'm Karlyn your Therapist at Wellbeingbliss My holistic health journey started when I got interested in Holistic & natural Therapies in 2008. The life changing support that the holistic & ancient approach to health & wellness gave to me led me on a journey of studying & practicing several holistic therapies and energy healing modalities including a unique diploma in Archangel Healing which took a period of 8 years to achieve the knowledge on all of the 144 Life Lessons. My favorite treatments to give are Reflexology, Aromatherapy for Children/Teenagers & Energy Healing. My devotion to the Archangel healing pathway helps me to bring into my sessions  the air and grace that being connected with the Archangels harnesses. I love showing others that they too can connect with the light of the loving Archangel energies which have been personally life changing and transformative for me, my family & many others who choose to connect with me and these magnificent light beings. 

FHT Registration Number - 199187


Therapeutic Services

Open Again for Treatments from 27th July.

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Complementary & Holistic Therapies are the art and science of Wellness & Healing that aims to address the whole person – mind, body and spirit. As a practitioner of holistic therapies,

 I integrate complementary therapies and ancient knowledge to help people feel better physically & emotionally, to help manage and relieve stress, prevent and treat disease using natural methods, and most importantly, to promote total health & wellness.

Please take the time before booking a treatment to read the disclaimer about the treatments on the FAQ Page 

Thank you.


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Reflexology works with the bodies energy meridians and aims to clear blocked or stagnant energy in different areas of the body using specialised massage techniques combined with skilled pressures applied to the different foot reflexes to help bring about balance and harmony to all the bodily systems. Reflexology has many benefits and has proven to provide astonishing results, not only relieving and combating stress, but also treating and preventing certain medical conditions from escalating. Reflexology aims to restore mental alertness and provide the metal energy required to be more productive & creative in life. Reflexology is also known to have high success rates of helping to improve fertility.


1 Hour  - £30 

                                                              - £40 with Aromatherapy Included


Please leave 1/2 hour extra for your first session as as together we will do a full consultation to find out the best way to deliver the treatment/s for you. To gain maximum benefit and lasting results a set of 3 treatment sessions minimum is recommended. You know your own body and will know when you need to return for further sessions or when to stop.      


Payment Options:

You may pay by cash on the day of your treatment or via Bank Transfer.

 Please give at least 48 Hours notice to cancel or rearrange appointments or

the full cost of the treatment is still required. Thankyou.


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